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But by now, you know this is not an easy task. Proper pool maintenance includes logging chemical readings, balancing pool chemistry, skimming and scrubbing, backwashing filters, maintaining proper circulation, and more. We understand that there is a lot to keep track of, even for properties who have their own dedicated team of pool operators.

That’s where Poolsure comes in. For over 25 years, we’ve provided thousands of customers with a consistent, reliable chemical delivery service for their commercial pools, spas, and water features.  We manufacture, install, and maintain our own Aquasol-branded chemical feed equipment and monitoring systems at all of our managed properties. We’ve trained operators for properties ranging anywhere from apartments to resorts and waterparks.

Join over 4,500 properties who rely on Poolsure as a trusted advisor for their pools.

How can we help today?

I’m looking for a water management program to help my maintenance team manage my pool.

This option is perfect for apartments, hotels, or similar properties that need reliable pool services.

Our Water Management Program is a monthly subscription that will provide you with consistent pool chemical deliveries, free pool training for maintenance personnel or pool operators, chemical feed automation equipment, and year-round service and support.

I’m looking for minibulk deliveries of sodium hypochlorite and other water treatment chemicals.

We recommend this for waterparks, resorts, or aquatic features — places that primarily need a whole lot of of bleach and other water treatment chemicals.

Poolsure will still provide free pool training for your pool operators and any needed chemical feed automation equipment, but our main focus will be to provide chemicals in minibulk volumes.

Help! Something is broken with my pool and I need to get it repaired ASAP.

When pool equipment such as pumps and filters break down, Poolsure is here to provide equipment services and repairs for all types of properties.

Poolsure’s technical services team is trained to treat the root cause of equipment failure, not just the symptoms. We provide pool repair services that will make sure your equipment stays fixed for years.

It's as easy as 1, 2, 3...

Step 1

Schedule an Appointment

Reach out to us. We will conduct a free visual site assessment and explore service options that fit your property.

Step 2

Complete Installation

We install our automatic pool controllers, set up chemical tanks, and train your staff on how to use Poolsure's equipment.

Step 3

Enjoy Pool Care

Sit back and enjoy the ongoing assurance of partnering with Poolsure!


Contracting with Poolsure is one of the best things we’ve ever done for our pools, and it’s really saved us time as well!

– someone who is no longer worrying about their pool

“[Poolsure’s Water Management Program] is really quite unique, and an excellent value!”

– someone who loves getting great things at great prices

It was a pleasant surprise to discover the consistently high level of courteous service their drivers, technicians, and sales staff provides us!

– someone who has met some of our great team members

 “I have had so many compliments on the class… Ed [Poolsure trainer] has done a wonderful job training!”

– someone who now knows how to keep their pool beautiful

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